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This website is in Beta. Please note, however, that all data on the site is current and accurate.

In order to improve the website over time, we need your help. Please rate your experience, and provide your honest feedback whenever possible.

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Funds to Explore

This experience is currently in beta. We have selected a limited number of our mutual funds for advisors to explore until the full digital experience is launched.

To view all of our funds, please visit troweprice.com.

Name Ticker Category1 Strategy/Style2
Africa & Middle East Fund TRAMX Multi-Cap Miscellaneous Region
Blue Chip Growth Fund TRBCX Large-Cap Large Growth
Capital Appreciation Fund

This fund is closed to new investors.*

PRWCX Multi-Cap Moderate Allocation
Emerging Markets Bond Fund PREMX Taxable Emerging Markets Bond
Equity Income Fund PRFDX Large-Cap Large Value
European Stock Fund PRESX Multi-Cap Europe Stock
Floating Rate Fund PRFRX Taxable Bank Loan
Global Allocation Fund RPGAX Global Allocation World Allocation
Global Multi-Sector Bond Fund

Formerly Strategic Income Fund

PRSNX Taxable World Bond
Growth Stock Fund PRGFX Large-Cap Large Growth
Institutional Floating Rate Fund RPIFX Taxable Bank Loan
Institutional Large-Cap Growth Fund TRLGX Large-Cap Large Growth
International Bond Fund RPIBX Taxable World Bond
International Growth & Income Fund TRIGX Large-Cap Foreign Large Value
International Stock Fund PRITX Large-Cap Foreign Large Growth
New Era Fund PRNEX Multi-Cap Natural Resources
New Income Fund PRCIX Taxable Intermediate-Term Bond
Overseas Stock Fund TROSX Large-Cap Foreign Large Blend
Real Estate Fund TRREX Multi-Cap Real Estate
Short-Term Bond Fund PRWBX Taxable Short-Term Bond
Tax-Free High Yield Fund PRFHX Tax-Free High Yield Muni
Value Fund TRVLX Large-Cap Large Value

*No new accounts or initial purchases from intermediary or direct customers will be accepted after the fund's closing date. Existing shareholders of the fund may continue to make subsequent purchases.

1 Source: T. Rowe Price

2 Source: Morningstar

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(877) 561-7670

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Is this site for advisors? What do you mean by "Beta"?

This site is designed for advisors with their clients and is currently in Beta, which means that we're testing concepts and looking for your feedback. All of the information and data presented on the site are accurate. However, in order to add to it and improve on it over time, we need your help. Please rate your experience, and provide your honest feedback whenever possible.

Who is my wholesaler?

At T. Rowe Price, we don't have a typical wholesaler relationship. Instead, our investment consultants are here to assist you without the usual sales calls. They are available to answer your questions as you research our funds, communicate detailed color on our latest positioning, and offer guidance that can streamline your investment decisions.

How can I learn which funds are open, closed, or restricted?

By closing or restricting access to funds to new investors, we believe we preserve our ability to achieve the funds' objectives. To learn which funds are currently closed or restricted, please contact the Advisor Services Group directly at 1-877-561-7670.

What is the minimum investment for an institutional fund?

Institutional funds generally require a $1,000,000 minimum initial investment. There is no minimum for subsequent purchases. If you hold shares through a financial intermediary, the intermediary may impose different investment minimums.