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This website is in Beta. Please note, however, that all data on the site is current and accurate.

In order to improve the website over time, we need your help. Please rate your experience, and provide your honest feedback whenever possible.

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In a variety of markets, you can rely on our expertise to help your clients reach their goals.


Explore our latest insights, commentary, and reports to help you navigate what lies ahead for your clients.

Diversification cannot assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. Investments in emerging markets are subject to abrupt and severe price declines, and should be regarded as speculative. Floating rate loans and debt securities are usually considered speculative and involve a greater risk of default and price decline than higher-rated bonds. Investing overseas involves special risks, including political uncertainty, unfavorable currency exchange rates and, to a lesser degree, market illiquidity. As with all mutual funds, these funds are subject to market risk, including possible loss of principal.


The markets may be uncertain, but the way we work is not. Since 1937, it's always been our mission to put our clients first. Our experienced people, steadfast principles, and disciplined investment approach all work toward a common goal of helping you and your clients feel confident.


With an on-the-ground presence in key markets around the world, we have the capability to invest wherever the next global opportunity arises.


We base our investment decisions on careful analysis and are not swayed by market momentum or fads.


Our investment approach is strategically aligned to help your clients reach their long-term goals.


With an average tenure of 15 years, our portfolio managers can guide your investments through good and bad market conditions.


Our analysts around the world collaborate to create the best ideas for your portfolios.


Our hands-on research means we have the ability to spot little things that could have a big impact on your clients' investments.

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Is this site for advisors? What do you mean by "Beta"?

This site is designed for advisors with their clients and is currently in Beta, which means that we're testing concepts and looking for your feedback. All of the information and data presented on the site are accurate. However, in order to add to it and improve on it over time, we need your help. Please rate your experience, and provide your honest feedback whenever possible.

Who is my wholesaler?

At T. Rowe Price, we don't have a typical wholesaler relationship. Instead, our investment consultants are here to assist you without the usual sales calls. They are available to answer your questions as you research our funds, communicate detailed color on our latest positioning, and offer guidance that can streamline your investment decisions.

How can I learn which funds are open, closed, or restricted?

By closing or restricting access to funds to new investors, we believe we preserve our ability to achieve the funds' objectives. To learn which funds are currently closed or restricted, please contact the Advisor Services Group directly at 1-877-561-7670.

What is the minimum investment for an institutional fund?

Institutional funds generally require a $1,000,000 minimum initial investment. There is no minimum for subsequent purchases. If you hold shares through a financial intermediary, the intermediary may impose different investment minimums.