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The Retire with Confidence® Program for Participants.
Inspiring participant engagement.

We help participants focus on the steps they can take today to build confidence in their ability to generate sufficient income in retirement.

Life Stage Programs

Starting Program

Active employees through their first year of participation who are under age 50

To introduce first-year participants to saving and investing tips, tools, and resources.
Primary areas of focus include getting started in the plan, learning how to save for retirement, understanding how to select appropriate investment vehicles, and consolidating retirement assets.

Managing Program
Stay on track
Active participants after their first year who are under age 50
To help participants stay on track with saving for retirement and achieving other financial goals.
Primary areas of focus include pursuing information and guidance to stay on track with retirement goals, adjusting saving and investing strategies as circumstances change, and balancing retirement goals with other financial priorities.
Preparing and Transitioning Program

Prepare for retirement

Participants who are age 50 and above
To provide the support participants need when preparing to transition from working to retirement.
Primary areas of focus include preparing for the transition into retirement, seeking educational information on living in retirement, and retirement income planning.
Separated From Service/Retiree Program
Make smart choices
Retired or terminated participants who are no longer employed by the plan sponsor
To help participants make smart investing choices for their money in the plan.
Education may be delivered through proactive outreach programs upon separation from service or other significant corporate events.
Primary areas of focus include distribution options, termination education, and maintaining confidence in retirement income success.

One-on-One Retirement Consultations

The one-on-one retirement consultation provides participants the option of receiving individual guidance from a T. Rowe Price retirement specialist regarding how to better achieve their retirement and other investing goals.

Personalized Check-in Program

A multichannel experience that provides participants with personalized guidance based on where they are in the retirement planning process.

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